Agilan Movie News and Updates, Story, Trailer, Release Info

Agilan Movie News and Updates

Agilan 2023 Tamil criminal drama, directed by Kalyana Krishnan, the film features Jayam Ravi, Priya Bhavani Shankar in lead roles. The rest of the cast includes Harish Uthaman, Tany Ravichandran, Chirag Jani, Hareesh Peradi, Tarun Arora, Madhusudhan Rao. The music for the movie composed by Sam CS. Here get the details about Agilan Movie News and Updates.

Jayam Ravi is gearing up for the release of his film ‘Agilan’ which set to release in theatres on March 10. The movie makers took to social media on march 4 to release the trailer of the movie. The trailer portrays Jayam Ravi playing the titular role as a criminal engaging in illegal activities. The video also portrays that the crimes all occur near the harbour and also reveals that Jayam Ravi is the person in charge of the Indian ocean and is control of the sea traffic. The action-packed trailer has anticipated the audience towards the movie release.

Agilan Movie Trailer

Portraying a tough and rugged character is like a piece of cake for Jayam Ravi and we have seen this avatar of his in countless films. What sets this trailer apart though is the concept of sea traffic. Not many films have been made in Tamil cinema with sea traffic being a key component and it will be interesting to see how Agilan pushes the envelope on that aspect. His socialist views and understanding of international politics and economics are evident in the discussions he mouths. What to expect from the movie summed up in the film’s dramatic speech to a ship captain, who says that the only distinction between them is that he an educated henchman while Agilan is an illiterate one.

The trailer of Jayam Ravi’s ‘Agilan’ has landed and visuals promise him in a badass character like nothing he has played before. The movie expected to be a perfect treat for the action lovers as it packed with high octane fight sequences with the sea and harbour as the backdrop. The film hits the screens worldwide on March 10th.

Movie Story

Jayam Ravi’s character is a harbour labourer who involved in illegal activities of Jayam Ravi. But that is not all to him as the dialogues he mouths indicate his communist philosophies and knowledge of world economy and politics. The powerful dialogue to a ship captain that the only difference between them is that he is an educated henchman while Agilan is an illiterate one sums up what to expect from the film.

When we first meet Agilan (Jayam Ravi), a crane operator at Chennai harbour, he comes across as an interesting character, who would do anything for money and power. With his access to the harbour, Agilan smuggles drugs and other contraband in and out of the country for a kingpin named Paranthaman (Hareesh Peradi). However, they are small cogs in the big wheel of the underworld smuggling network, which controlled by Kapoor (Tarun Arora), who decides the ‘King of the Indian Ocean’. When an opportunity arises, Agilan goes all out to win the title by pulling off a high stake mission despite having a stringent and maniacal special officer Gokul Mehta (Chirag Jani) on his tail. All of this pans out in the first half of the film, where the film is actually gripping and for a moment one ends up believing that Agilan is actually a ruthless and selfish hero, and for a change, the film wouldn’t take the normal ‘flashback’ route.

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