Anbirkiniyal Full Movie Download and Leaked by Tamilrockers

Anbirkiniyal is a Tamil language thriller film directed by Gokul. This film stars Keerthi Pandian, Arun Pandian, and Praveen Riaz. Music had scored by Javed Riaz. This film had produced by Arun and Alankar Pandian. This is a remake of the Malayalam film Helen. The movie had released on 5th March 2021.

Movie Plot

Anbirkiniyal, nicknamed Anbu, is a BSc Nursing graduate and goes to IELTS training classes proposed for a task abroad in Canada. One evening, while Anbu’s sweetheart Charles is driving her home, they are halted by police who punish Charles for not wearing a head protector and plastered driving; both are brought to the police headquarters. She works low maintenance at a chicken center in a shopping center to take care of her dad Sivam’s obligations. Sivam has called to the station and with consternation of seeing his girl and doesn’t converse with her regardless of her few endeavors of making discussion. One evening, Anbu has nobody to drop her off home from work. She attempts to call Sivam, yet Sivam is as yet furious with her.

Her coworkers advised by their director to place a few stocks in the cooler room which they request that Anbu do. When shutting everything down in the evening, the chief unwittingly secures Anbu in the cooler, where the temperature is – 18 °C. Uninformed of Anbu’s situation, Charles and Sivam look for her, while Anbu battles to remain alive and not kick the bucket from freezing. The safety officer at the front of the shopping center tells the police that Anbu didn’t leave the shopping center. They begin searching for her and in the long run discover her scarcely alive in the cooler. Anbu endures and has hospitalized. Sivam thanks the safety officer. Who reveals to Sivam that Anbu was the one in particular who might give him a grin and wave at him.

Anbirkiniyal Cast

  • Keerthi Pandian
  • Arun Pandian
  • Praveen Riaz

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Anbirkiniyal Full Movie Download and Leaked by Tamilrockers

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Movie Review

Anbirkiniyal movie got a good response from the audience. For the first day, it has collected good has got a positive response from the audience. It has got good critics and a movie rating is 3.0.