12 Best British Movies to Watch This Evening 

Best British Movies
Best British Movies

Are you used to playing popular PC games and well-known American comedies? Then we have a replacement. For example, you can replace PC games with slots at https://20bet.com/fi, and American films with British ones. These are the 12 best British movies filmed in this country. 

Emma (2020)

The main character is well-read, has a sharp mind and wit, an ironic sense of humor, and a stern conviction that she sees the true essence of people. The girl decides to become a matchmaker for those around her, although she herself almost swears that she will never get married.

The Informer (2019)

In an effort to whitewash his name, Pete Koslow helps the FBI and participates in operations. During one of them, the plan goes awry. Finding himself in the thick of dangerous events, the hero realizes that the police are not going to save him.

Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

After becoming the monarch of France, Mary Stuart returns to Scotland. Here she not only has to prove herself as a wise queen, but she also has to try to reconcile with her cousin Elizabeth.

Red Joan (2018)

During the war years, Joan Stanley served as a Soviet intelligence officer and extracted strategically important information in Great Britain. Thanks to her, World War III was averted. Now the woman is retired and living out her quiet years in a small village. But one day unknown persons knock on her door and announce the arrest of the heroine.

The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

Due to a poisonous fungus, humanity is affected by a terrible disease: people turn into almost walking zombies and eat each other. There are not many survivors, there is a laboratory to develop a vaccine. Infected children are imprisoned in it, to whom the fungus was transmitted in the womb, so they differ from the adult monsters by the presence of intelligence. Why do scientists need these intelligent but dangerous and carnivorous babies?

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

Florence Jenkins has dreamed all her life of hitting the big stage and singing for a huge audience. Although the protagonist’s family supports this aspiration in every way possible, there is one serious problem. Florence absolutely cannot sing, or at least get on a musical beat.

A Street Cat Named Bob (2016)

James is being treated for drug addiction and is making good progress. Thanks to the help of social services, he gets a place to live. Here the guy discovers a ginger cat, which he unsuccessfully tries to get rid of. But maybe it’s for the best?

45 Years (2015)

An elderly couple of the main characters are about to have their 45th wedding anniversary. The spouses are going to organize a small celebration, but the husband suddenly receives a letter related to the long tragic death of his first love. Will this be a roadblock to the upcoming celebration and marriage in general?

The Festival (2018)

Nick Taylor gets dumped by his girlfriend, causing him to become depressed. To cheer the guy up, his friend Shane invites the hero to a massive music festival. How will this trip turn out for the two crafty companions?

Super Dark Times (2017)

A biographical film about the life and politics of the widely acclaimed Winston Churchill. Coups and conspiracies, cunning maneuvers and strategies, political intrigue and personal tragedies – this film has everything to get seriously into it.

Life at the Shore (2017)

Edward and Florence are graduates of different universities. And that’s far from the only difference in their preferences. Despite their opposing interests, the young people decide to get married, but their relationship begins to deteriorate because of a savory but dramatic nuance.

The Party (2017)

A group of friends gathers to celebrate Janet’s career promotion. The party is in full swing, but then the heroine’s husband shows up and the fun comes to an abrupt halt.