Best Movies to Learn Conversational French

Watching movies in the original language is a powerful tool in learning conversational French. To help everyone learn French, we have found ten great movie stories. Watching them is guaranteed to improve the auditory perception of French; an additional bonus will be a great mood. However, if you are fluent in French, getting to know each participant in today’s best movies selection will be helpful and enjoyable.

Conversational French

The New Adventures of Aladdin

Do you know everything about the resourceful and brave Aladdin and his incredible cartoon adventures? No matter how! This nimble kid saved a lot of exciting stories in his biography, which is enough for more than one movie. In the meantime, the first portion is available for viewing – “The New Adventures of Aladdin” from Arthur Benzaken. Welcome to a fairy tale, where colorful flying carpets hover over the labyrinths of city intersections, sorcerers pore over recipes for eternal youth, and Aladdin, an adventurous man, hunts on the streets. And somewhere here, in a magic lamp, lurks an all-powerful genie, ready to fulfill any whims of his master.

No Family

The touching and exciting story of the French writer Hector Malo is an excellent opportunity to improve your oral French and be inspired by the fate of a little boy sent to be raised in a traveling troupe. Together with new friends-artists, orphan Rammy will have to go through a lot:

  • Master the unique skill of a street actor.
  • Visit the most dangerous troubles.
  • Learn the terrible secrets of his past.

Tall Blonde in a Black Boot

How could an absent-minded and funny violinist think that one day his life would change its calm course and become like an action-packed detective! Not knowing what an insidious gift fate decided to throw to the idiot Perrin, he manages to bypass all the traps set by ill-wishers with honor and incredible luck. This guy will come out dry from any dangerous and even hopeless situation – a real lucky one!

Love Out of Size

“Love Out of Size” is one of the most successful novelties of the current year. The viewers of this film are guaranteed three pleasures at once – to delight their ears with the melodic sound of franc√©, to enjoy an excellent romantic comedy with meaning, and, of course, to appreciate the inimitable performance of one of the prominent beauties of the French cinema scene, Jean Dujardin. However, the charming Virginie Efira looks very worthy against his background.


“Choristes” is a kind story about how the soft heart of a music teacher resists the cruel treatment of the pupils of a boarding school for difficult teenagers. Disagreeing with the actions of the rector, Clement Mathieu cannot openly oppose cruelty but comes up with a great way to help the guys. The good-natured teacher creates a youth choir and tries to instill a love of life and beauty in his students.

The Unlucky Ones

An excellent French comedy is a great way to distinguish better French speech and an occasion to laugh heartily. More than once I heard the question, “What is bad luck and how to deal with it”? Perhaps you will find a suitable answer to it in this sweet and funny comedy from Francis Weber.


Aliens is another good old French comedy with a different cast, but no less stellar. The focus is on a couple from the medieval past who accidentally got into an unfamiliar and frightening modern world. On April 6, 2016, the premiere of the third part of the film took place so that everyone and fans of Jean Reno could arrange a small movie marathon in the company of Count Godefroy de Montmirail and his charming servant Jacques.

Cage for Cranks

The last on today’s list is the comedy Cage for Weirdos. Both the audience and critics highly appreciated the joint work of the Italian and French masters of cinema. A romantic story about how two lovers wish to unite their destinies in front of the altar, perhaps, would not have attracted attention if it were not for one big “but.” The groom’s parents are a very unusual couple, whose acquaintance with the bride’s relatives can result in a terrible scandal and even a quarrel. Will, the heroes, manage to avoid the disaster, you will find out after watching the “Cage.”