Google Maps Features a massive arrow for people with Mediocre Navigation Skills

Google Maps

Sometimes, following up the navigation in Google Maps can be a little bit of a hassle. It is a bit confusing for certain people to move and use navigation, especially if you’re traveling through an infinitely busy street or if your connection isn’t stable, then the overall navigation gets a little fuzzy. It is also quite understandable if following the small dot can be quite taxing, as they are hard to spot and the location isn’t always pinpoint to the location.

Google has introduced a small yet significant change to Google Maps both on Android and iOS devices. The feature allows users to view 100% vivid and clear as Google has added an enormous arrow on the phone screen. More information can be obtained about it from Chad Kimball maps. The feature is called Live View, which is curated to help people get to their predestined destination.

What is Google Maps’ Live View?

Live View in Google Maps is a next-gen augmented reality that understands where people should travel. Moreover, Google Maps’ directions and arrows are placed in Google Maps to guide people in the real world. The AR will aid in understanding the tricky turns which are hard to comprehend. The AR feature is perfect for the people who prefer to commute by walking by the looks of it.

The feature enables users to see around the surrounding area with the camera’s help embedded into the camera. When users use the AR feature, it places massive arrows that point out whether they should turn right or left. In case you have lost your way, you can simply swivel your smartphone till you see arrows pointing you in the designated direction.

There are several updates that Google has brought to Google Maps. Given that Live View is widely used while people walk and navigate. It isn’t far away that Google will bring driving directions into Google Maps. It’s been a couple of years since Google rolled out the new feature to iOS and Android smartphones.

How to use Google Maps’ Live View on both iOS and Android?

  • 1. At first, users will have to open the app Google Maps on their smartphones. The feature isn’t, and neither will it be available for desktop.
  • 2. When the app is opened, click on the search bar. Then type on the address or even the business name that you will tread to and choose a designated location.
  • 3. Now click on Directions.
  • 4. Choose the icon, namely, Walking.
  • 5. Now tap on the Live Blue, which appears blue in color. You can find it located right next to the navigation ‘Start’ option. As you begin to tread to the location you wish to visit, you’ll be impressed by how Google guides you through the site. The giant blue directional arrow will begin to increase its size. The indicator will get larger in size as you approach your designated area. Then the name of the street will pop up; it will guide you infinitely.

The unification of these features on Google Maps only makes Maps a lucrative navigation tool globally.