Madhavan’s Romantic Drama Maara Full Movie Download

Maara Full Movie Download

Madhavan’s latest romantic film Maara. Maara movie streamed on Amazon Prime Video on January 8. Shraddha Srinath plays the female lead, which is directed by Dhilip Kumar. Unni R has written the original story. Director Dhilip Kumar and Bipin penned the remake story. In this article, you can find the Maara Full Movie Download information.

Maara is a Tamil adaptation of Malayalam film Charlie, deserves a special place. What it does beautifully is that it takes an old story and puts a new spin on it.

Dhilip Kumar is a sensible filmmaker and despite working on a remake, he brings in elements,  interesting new characters, for instance, that make Maara a new experience. He stamps his style all over the film, which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Maara Trailer 


Maara Movie Story

Maara film story revolves around Paaru (Shraddha Srinath) and what happens when she comes across paintings of the fairytale she heard as a child in Kerala. Intrigued by the paintings and the person who created them, she sets out on a journey to find out more about him. This journey leads her to Maara (R Madhavan) and as she learns more about him, she’s surprised to know about all the lives he has touched over the years. This is a slow-motion romantic film, touches the heart. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime.

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Movie Review 

Maara is one of those rare remakes that almost supersede the original. In terms of storytelling, it doesn’t really push boundaries but it creates magic with some lovely moments. These moments are spread across the film which makes it an endearing watch even when it meanders after a point. When it comes to remakes, most play it safe by doing a copy-paste of the original. However, Maara doesn’t take the tried-and-tested remake route and instead gives the lead characters a different perspective and purpose.

For instance, in Charlie, Dulquer Salmaan’s character mostly remains shrouded in mystery, but that isn’t the case with Madhavan, whose character is fleshed out better in Maara. Madhavan plays a slightly older character than Dulquer, but it doesn’t take away from the charm of his performance.

Shraddha Srinath continues to impress by picking slightly off-beat films in which she’s always a delight to watch. The supporting cast, which includes Mouli, Abhirami, and Alexander Babu, make solid contributions to the film. Even though they appear in scenes here and there, the impact they leave is felt throughout the film.