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Naanum Single Thaan Full MovieNaanum Single Thaan is a forthcoming Tamil romonatic dramatization film directed by R. Gopi. It had Jiontly Produced by Jayakumar and Punnagai Poo Gheetha. The film entertainers are Attakathi Dinesh, Deepti Sati, and Rajendran. Cinematographer of this film David Anandaraj.  Adhi had Editor of the film. The Music had scored by Hitesh Manjunath.

Film Plot

Naanum Single Thaan is a tamil romantic comedy entertainer subject to 90’s youngsters’ lifestyle. Here is an Official Trailer of Naanum Single Thaan.The film should be a spoof. Anyway neither does the main R Gopi have the style for grown-up content nor does he show any comic hacks.

Udhay (Dinesh) is a tattoo craftsman that has ‘Virgin Child’ and furthermore names of Trisha and Nayanthara inked on his body. After a few missed the mark endeavors at charming females. This posse of ‘Single 90s children’s run over Swetha (Deepti Sati). What follows is two hours of Udhay, and furthermore his old buddies. Following her and furthermore expecting her to ‘like’ him Also insufferable lessons in regards to this toxic saint helping the courageous woman “perceive his sensations.

Naanum Single Thaan happens as a general rule as far as we might be concerned where there is no understanding of consent.The film was followed through on 12 February, 2021.The film was dispatched all through performance centers in Tamil Nadu on 12 February 2021, corresponding with Valentine’s Day weekend. The film acquired essentially ominous assessments from pundits, with a client from Cinema Express noticing “Naanum Solitary Thaan neither has great parody nor amazing performing. The sum total of what it has is an outlandish romantic tale at its core. It’s an imprudently created story that standardizes a mentally unfortunate condition.” A client from Times of India made regardless. Whether we are basically a month directly into the fresh out of the plastic new year. One can securely foresee that Naanum Solitary Thaan is sure to figure in the agenda of frightful motion pictures of 2021″.

Naanum Single Thaan Full Movie Download

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