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Ponmagal Vandhal movie

Ponmagal Vandal is a Tamil courtroom, drama film written and directed by J. J. Fredrick in his debut, and produced by Suriya and Rajsekar Karpoora Sundara Pandian under the 2D Productions banner. The movie stars Jyothika in the leading role while five directors K. Bhagyaraj, R. Parthiban, Pandiarajan, Pratap Pothen, and Thyagarajan essay supporting roles. The film has released as an OTT release on Amazon Prime Videos on 29th May 2022.

Trailer Info:

The trailer has revealed by actor Suriya, whose production house 2D Entertainment has backed the movie, on Twitter. The clip swears a gripping tale about the kidnapping and murders of five children in Ooty. According to a report in The Indian Express, the Jyothika-starrer is one of the first-high profile Tamil movies to have a direct-to-digital premiere. The report adds that the film’s title is inspired by a song from Sivaji Ganesan’s 1970 Sorgam film.

The almost 2-minute-long trailer follows lawyer Venba essayed by Jyotika who intends to redeem a wrongfully convicted woman. The video shows grief-stricken mothers of the children who ask her how she could take up a case of a killer. You are just a gold digger. How will you feel a mother’s pain? asks one woman.

Story Line:

The film is set in the beautiful location of Ooty, but the town has a dark past. The story is centered on Petition Pethuraj who reopens a case from 2004 that affected a serial killer Psycho Jyothi. Who has convicted for the kidnapping and murder of five children and two youngsters?. Pethuraj’s daughter Venba (played by Jyotika), a young lawyer, chooses to fight Jyothi’s case so that truth could be revealed. In the process, some shocking secrets come out and challenges are thrown at Venba, who goes out of her way to dig out new information about the case that proves Jyothi wasn’t a serial killer.

In an ideal Jyotika world, we would’ve caught her playing a character that is independent, hard-working, and assigned. The movie has a little excessive but relevant social drama, what still makes her character refreshing is the fact that she doesn’t get to play a hero and the focus is more on the issue of child rape and our legal system.

Ponmagal Vandhal Full Movie Download: Available on Amazon Prime Video:

Ponmagal Vandhal has been making a lot of headlines of late owing to the maker’s decision of releasing it on an OTT platform. Yet, in a stunning state of events, the movie has leaked online by the piracy site Tamilrockers just a few hours ahead of its release on the particular platform on May 29, 2022. This has led to the J.J. Frederick directorial being released before its planned time on the OTT streaming site. The most shocking part here is that Ponmagal Vandhal’s HD version has leaked on the piracy website which is a matter of worry for the creators. The Jyothika starrer occurs to be the first-ever Tamil movie to have premiered directly on an OTT platform amidst the lockdown that has set across the country because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Ponmagal Vandhal holds a powerful line of messaging yet succumbs to the Tamil cinema formula. There is nary a moment where the filmmaker (Fredrick) affords enough time for the viewer to lap up the emotions he presents. We live not permitted to harp on the local area’s shock at having a virus case, one which deeply impacted local people reopened. We lack the opportunity and willpower to help feel defenseless for Venba when she has criticized by mourning moms. These live missed moments.

The decision of the supporting cast is fascinating. K Bhagyaraj as Petition Pethuraj, R Parthiban as Rajarathinam, the arraignment legal counselor. Outperformance with a little assistance from his disposition for pleasantry and jokes, the remainder of the supporting cast neglected to have an effect. Varadharajan. What our identity is approached to accept is malevolent manifest, is unconvincing; his most compromising demonstration is knocking a glass holding water off the table.