What to Expect in Season 18 Royal Pass PUBG MOBILE


Season 18 Royal Pass PUBG MOBILE


Season 18 Royal Pass PUBG MOBILE: Only 6 days are remaining of season 17 and players are already excited about the upcoming season 18 royal pass and its rewards. As we know that, the duration of any season is around 2 months. The PUBG Mobile Season 18 can start at any time around 21st March. The ongoing season 17 is very likely to close on March 17. As usual, the RP section will take another 1 extra day after the closure of Season 17.

Will they again get two mythic outfits in the royal pass 18 just like in season 17?
Is there a chance to have a vehicle skin in the royal pass 18 rewards?

When season 18 is going to launch?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions nowadays. So, without wasting any time, let’s find out what season 18 royal pass has to offer. Buy PUBG Mobile account if you are thinking to dominate Season 18.

Notable Rewards in Season 18 Royal Pass

Like all the previous royal passes, season 18 royal pass features rewards that include new outfits, weapon skins, helmet skins, and a smoke grenade skin. 

On RP level 1, you will see a legendary outfit along with an AUG 3 beautiful skin.

On RP level 10, you will receive an ornament of a guitar shape.

On RP level 20, you will get a legendary bag skin.

On RP level 25, a legendary emote will be given named Belly drum.

On RP level 30, a plane skin in the paid royal pass and a parachute skin in a free royal pass will be seen. 

On RP level 40, you will get a season 18 avatar frame.
On RP level 50, two mythic outfits will be given to choosing one, just like in royal pass 17. In the previous royal pass, this reward was available at RP level 60.
On RP level 60, you will be rewarded with a beautiful helmet skin.
On RP level 70, smoke grenade skin can be seen.
On RP level 80, an amazing Kar 98 K skin is present.
On RP level 85, the mythic emote for 100 RP outfit. The duration of the emote is comparatively long.
On RP level 100, the main mythic outfit of the season (String Ensemble Set)

The UC return, badges, 7-day room card, and other rewards are the same as the previous royal pass.   

To see complete royal pass season 18 rewards, you can watch this video.

Note: The video and rewards are shown from the beta version and do not represent the final quality. However, there are high chances to see the same rewards in the global version. 

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