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Thiruchitrambalam marks the fourth collaboration between Mithran Jawahar and Dhanush after Yaaradi Nee Mohini, Kutty, and Uthamaputhiran. The film music scored by Anirudh Ravichander, and the soundtrack of the film was recently released through an audio launch event. Notably, the film marks the return of the Dhanush-Anirudh combo after 2015’s Thanga Magan. Here get the details about Thiruchitrambalam Full Movie Download.

Thiruchitrambalam Movie Trailer

Nithya plays Dhanush’s best friend, who dances with him at cultural event, indulges in some self care sessions with him and provides a listening ear to all his romance problems. Talking of which, our hero has plenty. He caught up between two women, the more traditional Priya Bhavani Shankar and the more modern one played by Khanna. In between all this, out delivery hero develops the false sense of ‘studness’.

Movie Story

This is the story of Thiru who lives with his father & grandfather, in a middle-class family, working as a delivery boy. The plot follows how he navigates life, finds love, and experiences heartbreaks, all with the help and support of his best friend Shobana. The first scene of Thiruchitrambalam leaves a smile on the viewer’s face and that smile never fades for it’s a breezy film about relationships in a modest way. While Dhanush reprises his VIP avatar by totally shedding the star in him, Nithya Menon (what’s Menen btw) is an absolute treat to watch. In her career best role, Nithya revels in scenes where she snaps back at everyone else in the cutest manner possible. The story is wafer thin but it’s the grounded screenplay and the light-hearted narrative that work in the film’s favor.

Thiruchitrambalam Full Movie Download

Dhanush’s Thiruchitrambalam Movie is now entertaining in theatres. Go and watch romantic drama Thiruchitrambalam Full Movie in  theatres. Don’t use illegal sites to watch movies, it is crime and against the law. Watch Thiruchitrambalam Full Movie Download in legally.

Movie Review

This dynamic duo reels you into their messy lives and their search to find Thiru a suitable girl, all the while trying to sort out his familial issues and slipshod career. Infused with foot-tapping music from the always dependable Anirudh Ravichander, director Mithran Jawahar’s breezy narrative style keeps you continuously engaged and sold fully on the protagonist’s plight. Raashi Khanna and Priya Bhavani Shanker make little to no impact in bit-part roles but they specifically designed to be such by the director.

Romantic comedies perhaps the most over-exhausted, overexplored genre in all of cinema, with almost every cinematic trope having  done to death. And yet, Thiruchitrambalam proves that two sparkling lead performers can make even the most cliched plotline.  Engaging and charming, immersing you into their world with their authentic portrayals. Dhanush and Nithya Menen combined to such devastating effect that you cannot help but get swept up in the sheer fun and frolic. They unleash on screens before you and leave the cinema hall will a wide grin plastered over your face.

Dhanush is exceptional and everyone including me had a thought they are trying to create a VIP setting to make this a pullable film but no it is an offspring of vip but only the core emotion and rooted staging other than this everything stands out. Characters so beautifully written as vetrimaaran sir said it’s an absolute delight to watch Bharathi Raja, and Prakash raj together on screen and each of them has nailed thier part by so simply bringing out the best emotions in them. No place will make us feel uncomfortable or bored with a neatly packed screenplay that helps cakewalk the course of the duration with a happy smile and tear at points.

Certain scenes just brilliant which had every chance of turning out totally wrong and the chances of backfiring. But the points are just neatly put through which is actually a high point for this kind of film which actually doesn’t have a deliberate high point.

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