True Story Behind Waking Ned Devine

Waking Ned Devine
Waking Ned Devine

Waking Ned Devine: You might have come across many heist movies and end up building an emotional connection either with the protagonist or the antagonist. Bloodshed might traumatize you. A burglar getting surrendered might captivate you, or you would be surprised to observe your anticipation getting scattered. But not in the case of Waking Ned, This movie could be considered the turnover of what action heist movies are all about. There might be a minimal chance for anyone not witnessing the all-time comic movie like Waking Ned Devine. But if you fall into such a category, Here is a comprehensive synopsis for you to go through this article and find out the core story behind the movie. 

Waking Ned is a film that revolves around the Irish traditions, culture, and economic crises that were relatively high in 1998. The story is bound to happen in a small Irish village called Tullymore with a strength of 52-60 residents. It is called a heist movie because it involved a whole cast in forgery being opposed by a curmudgeon that was initially part of it and later got fooled by the main characters due to her high demands in the role. But to your surprise, it does not involve any bloodshed, action, or suspense. The progression is wholly based on comedy and humor. Jackie and Micheal intrude into the situation, which carries significant risk to fool the villagers and the lottery inspector to grab the Lottery ticket and cash it along with Annie. But the situation unfolds in different events, and a trio is compelled to increase a share until the whole village gets it gradually. A dominant local curmudgeon, Lizzie Quin, a village landlady, entails and demands a hefty share compared to the others by blackmailing them by confronting Mr.Kelly, the Lottery inspector.  

Apart from making a place in the audience’s heart, the movie has played an influential role in criticizing the stereotypical standards practiced in Ireland and created the difference within the state. Some of them are briefly discussed below.

How Context refers to the Revolution of Celtic Tiger.

If you are well aware of Ireland and its policy, “Celtic Tiger” might not be the prevailing terminology that hit you. But for the general audience, it was a title given to Ireland between mid – 1990’s to late-2000s, when the economic growth was boosted higher than expectations. The annual average rate was somehow between 9-10%, GDP shooting up to 229%. But some rural villages were not getting much benefit from the movement that included Tullymore. And such a movie demonstrated the economic imbalance in the lack of division of amenities, comfort, and services across the state among rural and urban areas, which can lead to marginalization rather than unity in the inner states.

Urban Vs. Rural 

Waking Ned is a movie to entertain and a distinguishing medium to the morals of urban and rural standards set by the people and the authorities. It can either be a revolutionary movement or a suppression that is highlighted with a lighter note to such an aspect. The moral values in Rural areas are primarily in contrast to the ones in urban areas. The unity among the villagers to attain an opportunity with collaboration is quite rare and is highly valued by the people in the village. That is what binds the community with the endeavor to entrench a system. 

Humour and Humanity. 

There is quite a contrast of humor and humanity in the movie that is beautifully outlined by the makers. By accommodating an Irish culture, economic values, traditions, moral values, and the difference of lifestyle. A variation is observed by the system within the span of distance from the city to the village. This can be analyzed through your inner query getting answered for the anticipation that is scattered by the makers for designing a heist movie with factors of humor and humanity instead of actions and bloodshed.

Even Jackie didn’t intend to kill Ned. Instead, he tried to benefit himself, his friends, and the whole village with such humor which is not wrong to think of a town being drawn by the economic crisis.

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Narrative and Nationalism 

Waking Ned is a fictional story that significantly portrays the economic condition of the rural areas and how the situation had compelled villagers to take forgery as an ultimate outcome to overcome the crises. The reason for choosing Ireland for the production of the film is quite logical as the narrative worked into bringing up the national integrity and highlighting the social issue faced by the Irish citizens in rural areas.